Rescue of joyful dog with worsening fungal infection.

Joy greeted her rescuers with all her hope springing from her adorable wagging tail. But Joy’s deep, blistered fungal patch was one of the worst we’ve seen.

Scratching had opened the skin and infection set in so in addition to the advancing fungus, this poor sweetheart’s overall health would soon degenerate if we hadn’t rescued her.

Joy’s treatment included spaying her, and every day she showered us with love. Thank you for the help that makes saving pure, innocent lives possible.

A commenter said:”awe soo cute 🙂 thank you soo much for rescuing and taking care of this lovely doggy 🙂 I hope he/she lives a long and happy life full of love joy and happiness with a caring family 🙂 take care everyone stay positive hugs and kisses :)”

Another said:”You guys are just the inspiring rescue group ever!!!! All of you have such great love for what you do. I’ve watched videos of resue groups but by far you guys are the very best!!!!”

A woman wrote:”It’s good to see the staff getting joy out of the affection of the animals, too. They must see so many sad cases, so much pain. It’s important for the workers to get joy from when they can help.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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