Kitten Was Scared And Trapped Until Mom Comes To The Rescue

This mom shows her baby one of the most important things in life to know as a cat! After a kitten got stuck up a tree, her mother comes to the rescue! It’s so sweet how the mom gives her baby encouragement.

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One wrote on YouTube:”I had this situation happen on a smaller scale when I was 15. I came home from school to find one of my Cat’s kittens dangling from a Green’s Stalk in the yard by her paws. The Mama was on her hind legs trying to reach the baby, but to no Avail. When she saw me, she meowed for help and I placed her baby safely back on the ground. She licked my hand in thanks and I was so happy.”

Another commented:”This is the cutest and sweetest kitty-cat video I’ve seen in quite a while. Mama cat was teaching her baby how to get down from the tree on her own. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video!”

A YouTuber user said:”Way to go awesome momma cat! What a great mom, she really tried but the little guy wasn’t really helping, lol. Turns out he ended up having to face his fears and do it on his own anyway, and he did, which was honestly best. Now he’s better off for next time- hopefully he won’t forget and get lazy and just call for Mom again lol (but he might).
This video was super sweet, I love seeing cats navigate trees and good cat moms in action 😆”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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