Ashland is Found, and Sally Tells Adam That He’ll Regret it if He Doesn’t Come Back to Her

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Michael keeps his ears open, Nick brings Chance the ring he found, and Victoria’s family keep telling her she’s not responsible.

In the previous episode, Sally confronted and kissed Adam, and Nick asked Victor what really happened to Locke.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for July 26, 2022 episode airs in the USA July 27. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Chance gives instructions to a cop to look out for a trail of blood. Michael shows up. Victor has brought him up to speed on what’s happening and asks if there are any leads.

He’d appreciate a heads up. The detective assumes he’s fishing.

Michael claims he cares about the Newmans and Victor is anxious for news.

Chance says he has to play this by the book and won’t let his father-in-law interfere. When the cop turns away, Michael starts making faces.

At Victoria’s, Nick asks his father what happened to Ashland tonight.

Victor insists he doesn’t know any more than they do. He assures his daughter they won’t let anything happen to her and suggests she pack a bag and move into the ranch for awhile.

Nick worries about what Locke did. Victoria thinks he’s so angry he’s unstoppable.

Victor assures his son he would have done the same thing to protect them. Nick knows he could have been facing some serious legal issues but it all pales in comparison to what could have happened to his sister.

They tell him what a good person he is and then Nick offers to light some sage to get rid of the bad energy in the place. His sister hugs him and thanks him again.

She leaves with her father after packing a bag.

Alone, Nick stares at the blood on the floor and flashes back to punching Locke. He snoops around on the floor.

Victoria and her father drop by the office so she can pick up some files. Nikki is surprised to see them at work. Victor announces their daughter is moving in with them for awhile. Victoria explains why and what a hero Nick has been.

Nick calls and tells his sister he found a signet ring on the floor.

She confirms it’s Locke’s. He was waving it around tonight and put it back in his shirt pocket. She never wants to see it again.

Sitting down, Victoria recaps her fight with Ashland to her mother.

Nikki’s jaw drops when she hears that Locke lost his pulse and then disappeared. “How is that even possible?” Victoria asks.

Nikki is just relieved that no one killed Locke. They have nothing to apologize for or regret. Victor walks out to take a call from Michael.

Baldwin tells him not much has happened but he’ll keep him informed.

Victoria tells her mother that this has triggered memories of what happened with JT.

That was different because he had a brain tumor and it had nothing to do with her. This was different.

She keeps falling for damaged men and treating them like failed companies she can make profitable again. Everyone warned her about Locke but she didn’t listen and made excuses for him.

Victoria makes it clear that she doesn’t feel bad about Ashland. It felt good to make him pay, but maybe she took too much. Maybe she broke him… Her mom insists he’s only learned a valuable lesson.

He lost. His feelings got hurt. That’s his problem.

Nikki tells her not to waste one ounce of grief on him. He never deserved her.

Victor returns to agree with this. “Thank you daddy,” his daughter says.

Nick drops by Crimson Lights and Michael fills him in on Chance not saying anything. The Newman wants to talk to the cop.

Before he can, Michael quizzes him about his feelings.

Nick admits he wishes Locke was gone but imagining he killed him is harsh.

Michael assures him he’s a good man and justice will be served. “Take care of yourself,” he urges.

Nick goes over to Chance and hands him the signet ring he found. He tells him all be knows about it.

The cop admits they haven’t found any signs of Locke. “Is there anything else you want to get off your chest?” he asks.

Nick says it’s just been a long night.

The detective gets a call and has to go. He says his officers have found a car in the bottom of a ravine. He will let him know any pertinent details when the time is right.

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