Join our street treatment team for the day!

Join us on the road as our Street Treatment medical team makes their daily rounds in the neighborhoods. You’ll see how much good medical care can be administered while sparing an animal the stress of entering the hospital, avoiding contact with infectious diseases and staying close to their friends and families. It’s also interesting for people who don’t live in Udaipur to get a glimpse of the neighborhoods we work in. So hop on in and join us for a fascinating few minutes of loving care.

A man said:”I think the US could take direction from your amazing animal care! From the women who sit with the hurt animal to eat, your loving touch that calms the animal, and now this mobile care!!! Your organization is on a different level of animal care than any others i have seen!! A big THANK YOU to every single person involved with helping these animals!! Your the best 🥰 🐾🥰🐾”

Anᴏther said:”Literally THE most amazing team of dedicated people ever!! I honestly can’t enthuse about these people and this organisation enough!! They go out of their way for these poor animals and also for those who support and/or contact them! PLEASE if everyone gives 1£/1$ then what a difference we could help them to make. Thank you to these beautiful people.”

A YᴏᴜTᴜber ᴜser cᴏmmented:”Animal Aid should be in every state, infact in every district because mostly at every place we find such animals in danger and obviously angels (Animal Aid team) should be everywhere. Hope a great initiative and funding happens to start Animal Aid team in every district. To make a team, we need to find amazing selfless volunteers. I’m ready to take my part and I wish God shows the path one day for such thing to happen.”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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