Is Robert Newman Leaving ‘The Young and the Restless’? Ashland Might Be on the Way out

The Young and the Restless fans might be saying goodbye to Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) forever. The character has been a hit with fans since his debut in March 2021. Richard Burgi originated the role but was later recast with Robert Newman in February 2022. It’s only been five months since Newman’s debut, but fans are worried the actor and his character are leaving.

Ashland Locke’s death leads to speculation Robert Newman is leaving ‘The Young and the Restless’

When Newman took over as Ashland, many of The Young and the Restless fans worried he wasn’t a good fit. While Newman is known for playing good guys, he quickly eased into his new role as a Genoa City villain. Ashland becomes public enemy number one with his deceit.

His lies about having cancer ended his marriage to Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and shunned him from the Newman family. However, Victoria gave Ashland another chance, much to his delight. Yet, Ashland would be left looking like a fool when he learned Victoria was only with him to scam him out of $250 million.

After Victoria’s scheme, fans anxiously awaited Ashland’s next step in his revenge plot. Unfortunately, it won’t be playing out. In the July 25 episode, Ashland fell and hit his head during a scuffle with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Victoria didn’t feel a pulse, indicating Ashland died.

With Ashland meeting a tragic demise, many fans wonder if this means Newman is leaving. The actor took to Twitter, sharing a video in which he confirmed the end of his stint on The Young and the Restless. Newman acknowledged his contract was up but suggested a return wasn’t out of the question.

‘The Young and the Restless’ fans don’t want Robert Newman to leave

Newman is a beloved soap opera actor who won over the audience’s heart as Josh Lewis on Guiding Light. The actor portrayed the heroic Josh from 1981 until its cancellation in 2009. After a 12-year break, Newman returned to daytime TV as Ashland on The Young and the Restless.

Newman being recast as Ashland was a huge story, and fans were happy to see him return to soap operas. But based on recent events with Ashland, Newman’s run seems to have ended. Fans aren’t pleased about the exit and are expressing their frustrations on Twitter.

“I actually hate the thought of losing @RobertNewmanGL as Ashland Locke on #YR,” wrote one user.

“I had such high hopes for @RobertNewmanGL as Ashland Locke,” wrote another fan.

“Do not kill Ashland!!!” pleaded another viewer.

“Lazy writing and a waste of a promising character. Ashland could’ve been so much more, but these writers don’t care for many characters; it shows,” another commenter chimed in.

Is Ashland Locke still alive?

It looks like Ashland has bitten the dust on The Young and the Restless as the Newmans cover up his murder. However, there are more mysteries to be solved in this storyline. The biggest question is, what happened to Ashland’s body?

Some fans believe that either Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) or Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) could’ve removed the body from Victoria’s house. However, many fans believe that Ashland is still alive.

There was plenty more to tell in Ashland’s story, and the character might not be finished yet. Although everyone believes he’s dead, in Genoa City, characters return from the dead all the time. Ashland could’ve woken up and fled from Victoria’s home or had some assistance from an accomplice.

While the Newmans think this is the last of Ashland, they might be in for a surprise when he returns. If Ashland was angry before, he’ll be more furious and ready to seek revenge on his ex-wife and her family.

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