Officer walks into backyard and finds an abused puppy staring up at him

It’s hard to understand how there are people out there who abuse and mistreat animals, so we’re incredibly thankful to the volunteer rescue organizations who fight so hard to rescue all of the animals in need.

For those who witness animals living in terrible conditions, it can often be hard to remain professional and avoid showing emotions. Attachments can also form between volunteers and the animals that they rescue – a true sign that these people really care about what they do.

Such was the case when an officer working for the Niagara County SPCA when he helped to rescue an abused puppy from somebody’s backyard.

An anonymous caller had first alerted officers to the property, and 6-month-old Hemi was rescued from the backyard along with another dog. Both were incredibly unwell thanks to the neglect of their owner.

Hemi was emaciated, dehydrated, and could hardly walk, and one of his back legs was so swollen and bruised that he had to be carried by an officer. The other dog, Foreign, also couldn’t put any pressure on her back legs.

The Niagara County SPCA was quick to set up a GoFundMe to help with the treatment costs for the abused puppies.

Amazingly, $6,600 was raised of $5,000 target – proof that although there will always be evil people in the world who abuse animals, there are also hundreds of kind and selfless people too.

“It’s heartbreaking to think that Hemi is just a baby and this terrible treatment is all he knows, but we assure you that his life will be better from here on out. Please pray for Hemi — and his friend — for a speedy recovery,” a release stated.

Hemi and Foreign were on the mend, and the happy news kept on coming. One of the officers who had helped to rescue the puppies had developed quite a soft spot for Hemi, and he decided that he was going to adopt the little pup for himself.

Officials also released news that Hemi is already doing lots better, and he is expected to go on to make a full recovery. Talk about a happy ending!

Foreign is also doing well, and she was brought to the rescue center in a better condition than Hemi. She also has some exciting future plans lined up for her, and she will be adopted by a local sheriff when she is medically cleared.

When the day came for Hemi to be collected by her new owner, SPCA shared the emotional video with us all on their Facebook page. The whole family arrived to collect their new pup – including another doggie sibling for Hemi!

The video shows the family smiling together for photos, before leaving the rescue center together as a four.

It’s an emotional moment that gives us chills, and we feel so incredibly thankful to all of those who help to transform the lives of dogs like Hemi all over the world.

Hemi has now settled happily into his new home, and to celebrate his new start, his owners decided to rename him Vito. He spent a happy Christmas day with his brother, Manny, wearing matching Christmas sweaters. How adorable! Watch Hemi’s sweet adoption video below.

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