This woman changed the lives of a homeless man and his 11 stray dogs

Questions can often take us places we never expected. Talking to a stranger or opening up a conversation with someone you’ve never talked to can sometimes turn into one of the most memorable moments of your life.

One man in California was approached by a woman, and the conversation changed both of their lives.

Steve has been living in California for quite some time. For Steve, however, life isn’t all that easy – he has been homeless since 2001. The difficulty that he experiences on a daily basis can be tough to deal with, but he has something that keeps him going.

After being homeless for some time, more and more of Steve’s income was going toward something that he felt was worth it.

Steve wasn’t blowing money on meaningless things; he was using what little income he had to care for any and every homeless dog that he came across! Soon, he had established a little crew of dogs that relied on him for food and shelter, even though he often didn’t have it himself.

Fifteen years later, Steve decided to make a trip to Indiana to see a friend.

To make matters complicated, he was transporting 11 homeless dogs with him! He didn’t have a car to take them all with him, so he got creative. Making a makeshift vehicle from bike and shopping cart parts, he figured something out.

Steve had no idea that this trip was going to be the start of a different chapter in his life.

As he peddled his way down the freeway, dogs on board, a woman named Alicia saw him. At first, she ignored him. That was until she realized that Steve was exhausted and needed help.

Pulling over to the side of the road, she simply asked Steve for his story.

After spending some time listening, Alicia knew what she had to do. Reaching out to local rescuers and telling them about Steve and his pups, she was committed to getting him help. Once people heard about him, it was easy to find people willing – what kind of man would selflessly help dogs unless he was a kind person?

The first thing they did was set Steve up in a pet-friendly motel so he didn’t have to camp every night.

After getting some pictures of him posted on social media and a call for a fundraiser going out, the help came pouring in. Hundreds of people wanted to help the kind man who spent his life caring for dogs!

With all the donations, he was able to get each of his dogs the medical treatment they needed AND his own trailer!

In the flip of a switch, Steve was able to buy himself a trailer and get his dogs the medical help they needed. Now, he is able to live a different life than he had been living for so long. He quite literally had an ending that people see in movies – living his best life with his dogs.

Check out the video below!

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