Young & Restless Murder Investigation Is an Open Invitation to Bring Back a Classic Character — But There’s a ‘But’

Chance could use a little help in Genoa City’s latest investigation.

We don’t need an excuse to want to see Doug Davidson back on The Young and the Restless but when storylines call for the Chief of Police’s involvement, fans remember that Paul Williams is absent from the canvas. Currently, the Genoa City PD is investigating Ashland’s “accident” and with Rey gone, Chance is heading up the case.

However, it’s times like these that have fans hoping and praying that we will get a surprise appearance from the longtime CBS soap vet. One of Davidson’s Twitter followers, Michael R. Tyler, wanted him to know that he was “definitely not forgotten” and that Paul “is in the top 5% of Young & Restless’ greatest characters ever.” He went on to express that “the heart of the show,” which is the fans, is “also praying for Paul’s return” and wanted Davidson to know that he’s “an incredibly great actor” and the soap “is not now or ever will be the same” without him.

“You are so incredibly kind writing such a sweet tweet,” Davidson replied. “I truly appreciate it.” However, to answer the question if Paul could possibly return anytime soon, he added, “I can’t see things changing.”

Other fans agreed… they want to see Paul back too.

Though Chance seems to be on the right path in exposing that Ashland’s “accident” wasn’t an accident after all, we’re not quite sure he has what it takes to take on Victor should new evidence come to light that he staged Ashland’s death — after he had already died at the hands of Nick. Sure, Christine may turn up and have no issue taking on Victor but we all know that Paul wouldn’t have one either.

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