Dog’s forearm degloved yet her tail wagged as rescuers arrived (graphic footage).

Before she collapsed in pain, Aisha made it all the way back to her neighbor’s house to show them how desperately she needed help. When she saw her rescuers, her tail wagged with relief.

Most of the skin of her forearm was torn off in this horrible degloving accident. But luckily there were no fractures and because her neighbors alerted us immediately, we arrived before exposure to air and dirt could cause more damage to the tissue.

A YouTuber user posted:”We DONT need more people like them we need the people ALREADY in our world to be like them! You have inspired me so much when I am older I am going to try and have my own animal shelter!”

One said:”I cried when i saw this as i love animals and cant understand how anyone can be so cruel to an innocent animal Gods precious gifts of love to us all. I have a deep seated hatred for anyone who hurts and abuses an innocent animal. Sometimes i just hate people. Id rather spend my life with an animal than a human being as human beings are cruel and animals are kind giving you all their love and only wanting to be loved in return. How hard is that ? Theres a special place in hell for the cruel evil heartless monster who hurt this poor sweet beautiful helpless soul this way with hearty doses of the same pain and suffering he caused her for all eternity believe me i tell you true. Animal Aid you are angels and hero’s in this evil suffering wold we live in
May God bless you kind people ricbly and always for saving and healing her sweet precious little you have a special place with Him.always.”

A woman wrote:”This is honestly amazing, it gives me so much confidence to actually go out there and do more for these fury strays. I belong to Pakistan and your videos are honestly so inspirational ️ keep up the good work!!”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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