Surgery saves street dog with huge tumor.

Time was running out for this old street dog. We rescued her just in time for life-saving surgery. An enormous and rapidly-growing abdominal tumor was within weeks –maybe days–of growing into her vital organs. Janvi’s astounding peacefulness is a deep part of her nature. The trust she gave us can probably be credited to the kindness of her human neighbors who were so glad to welcome her back after surgery. Janvi has every chance for a bright future, and she has a glowing present life, too. With help, even a big problem can disappear.

A woman commented:”Life on the streets itself is so hard for them and on top of that they have to suffer with skin infection, tumours and what not. Damn what a world it is.. life is so cruel. It does not spare even this innocent creatures. I cannot imagine the painful slow dead the dog would have faced if animal aid did not exist. Thankyou for saving the beautiful angel.”

Another said:”Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing animals suffer and being mistreated and nothing makes me more happy and so grateful than animals getting rescued from their pain and who are helped and I can’t understand how some cruel people can mistreat animals and children just like that…. I can’t stomach this they don’t have the chance to speak and defend themselves..thank you sooo mach”

A commenter said:”I appreciate all of the staff, but am always struck in particular by the tender ministrations of the lovely women who feed & bathe their charges. So capable, so sweet, so encouraging to the animals. They really make them feel safe, which I’m sure helps their healing. Thanks for all you do.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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