So many wounds on a tiny body, puppy’s beautiful recovery (graphic footage).

Multiple wounds tore open this puppy’s neck, shoulders and ear, we rescued this puppy as he sat trembling and woozy with pain. We hurriedly gave the beautiful little victim pain medicine, hydration drip, bandaging and food, but the best part of his rescue was holding him close and experiencing the marvel of his recovery. Within days, Tiggy’s incredibly playfulness and boundless affection took over.

There’s nothing better than a happy ending.

A YouTuber user posted:”This puppy was rescued by compassionate, loving people. This sort of love is invented in Heaven and flows into the rescuers, and we all should pay attention. Love is always superior to hate. Truth and goodness do what is meaningful. This work touches the soul of those who are informed of it.”

One said:”No word for this crew and it’s members and the donators of this channel
I wish I could meet you all and thank you from bottom of my heart to do such a noble cause 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Nowwadays people becoming more greedy but ypu are changing the trend I wish we had more people on earth like you guys”

A man commented:”Completely heart breaking, poor sweet little one. Honestly, this team is so strong, i’d be in a pool of tears. The strength and compassion time and again, they bring out the best in humanity. Thankyou, so much”

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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