Puppy’s lower lip was completely torn off, extraordinary recovery (graphic footage)

When we got the call that a puppy was covered in blood we had no idea how bad it could be. The entire skin, muscle and tissue flap that attaches to a dog’s lower gums had been ripped away from the bone. As soon as we examined her in the hospital we realized that surgery was the only way to save her life, and even if we saved it today, we weren’t sure what might happen to the exposed jaw during the coming days.

This angel’s lower lips, and all the skin under the jaw, had to be removed. There was simply nothing to attach it to. The gum tissue wasn’t strong enough to hold sutures. And she had to be able to open her mouth to eat. Even bandaging the area would be impossible. We had never before performed a surgery to remove so much tissue from a dog’s muzzle.

Watch this simply extraordinary recovery. We’ve called this little hero Joy, and you’ll see why.

One wrote on YouTube:”❤️ I’d like to thank the woman who is always with the dogs trying to get them to eat. I believe that she plays a big role in getting these dogs back on their feet. Whenever you show a dog being fed, while they’re recovering, it’s always her. Thank you, beautiful lady! Of course, everyone there deserves applause, as well! Thank you, for helping all the animals get their lives back!!”

A YouTuber user commented:”It breaks my heart seeing a dog like this and knowing that so many others are out there suffering, on the other hand my faith in humanity gets restored whenever I see people like these dedicating their lives to saving these poor innocent creatures.”

One said:”woaw this is just a miracle and amazing how resilient and ingenious nature is when it comes to healing and how the mystery of this connection with the void that heals such terrible traumas i believe when witnessing these people and their bond with the animals this empathy is the holistic ointment that gives these poor soul’s the strength to heal and be happy again may god bless you all”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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