‘The Young and the Restless’ Fans Are Worried Mark Grossman is Leaving

Adam Newman has been a part of The Young and The Restless canvas for a long time. The character has mostly played the villain with the fight for his family’s wealth making up most of his storyline. Mark Grossman began playing Adam in 2019 and has received praise for his portrayal of the reformed villain, but fans are now worried he is leaving.

Fans are concerned Mark Grossman is leaving ‘Y&R’

Many actors have played Victoria Newman’s brother on Y&R, including This Is Us actor Justin Hartley. After Hartley departed from the role in 2016, producers struggled to find someone to fill Hartley’s shoes. They hit the jackpot when Grossman took over.

The actor made his debut as Adam Newman in May 2019 and quickly earned the approval of critics and fans, with his portrayal of the reformed villain earning him a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2020.

However, Grossman’s status in the soap opera has received tremendous speculation as many fans think the actor is leaving the show. Soap Dirt reports that Grossman and Y&R are yet to finalize a deal for a new contract.

When he joined the soap, Grossman signed a three-year deal that effectively expired in May 2022. According to the outlet, an insider had divulged that Grossman didn’t want to stay on the soap, but later on, they claimed that Grossman had decided to stick around. Still, fans are filled with worry about their favorite character leaving.

When Y&R tweeted a photo of Nick, Victoria, and Adam, fans commented about Grossman’s status on the series. Fans jumped in to plead for him to stay, with several fans saying they wouldn’t want to watch with another actor as Adam.

There is no confirmation yet on whether Grossman renewed his contract, but given where Adam’s story is heading, it’s likely he’ll be around a little longer.

What is Adam Newman’s status on ‘Y&R?’

Adam has been in a steady relationship with Sally Spectra for a while now. The pair began their relationship professionally when Adam was CEO of Newman Media. He awarded Sally the COO position, and while he felt attracted to her, he maintained he wanted to keep things strictly professional.

However, both felt a strong pull toward one another and ended up consummating their relationship, thus starting what many fans call Ally. The pair have had a few issues but recently broke up. Adam had to call things off to protect Sally and to prevent her from losing her job or worse.

Adam understands how much Sally loves being COO and wants to ensure his battle and issues with his sister Victoria don’t find a way of affecting Sally, an innocent bystander. Fans have been calling for the show to reunite the pair, but some feel the split is a ruse to take down his family and get back to his previous position as CEO.

Adam’s future in the company is still unknown

Victor and Adam haven’t seen eye to eye on many matters as Victor always seems to favor his daughter more than his son. While Adam may, as usual, have a trick up his sleeve to nudge his father into appointing him CEO, Victor doesn’t seem very receptive to his son’s pleas and even appeared impatient at one point.

Nick has been taking a renewed interest in the company, and given the recent events, he may be the perfect person to hand over the reins as everyone cleans up their mess. This leaves Adam in the open with his future hanging in the balance.

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