‘The Young and the Restless’ Fans Love Noah and Allie Together

Noah Newman isn’t exactly a fan favorite on The Young and the Restless because of his romantic connections. He and Tessa Porter dated for a while, but she dumped him for his sister Mariah Copeland.

Tessa and Mariah tied the knot, and he’s been unable to move on. Noah has been back in Genoa City for a while, and now he has his eyes set on another beauty, Allie Nguyen, a move that has fans excited.

A breakdown of Allie and Noah’s relationship

Allie lived with her father in Los Angeles, but he left her to handle his affairs when he died. She sold the house and learned she had a grandfather she never knew about. Jack Abbott felt terrible about not being there for his son Keemo, but Allie gave him a chance to reconnect with her.

He invited Allie to move to Genoa City, and although she hesitated at first, she eventually caved and took Jack up on the offer. Allie was welcomed into the Abbott family and formed a close relationship with her aunts, Traci and Ashley Abbott.

Allie has been around for only four months, and her personal and professional life is thriving. She and Noah met when Abbey Newman introduced them. They grew close, discussing their families’ dynamics and the history between each family.

The primary factor that hindered Noah and Allie from being more than friends was that Noah still had feelings for Tessa despite Tessa having moved on.

Additionally, Noah wasn’t in the right headspace for a romantic relationship, given his fiancé, Courtney Sloane’s death and his breakup with his girlfriend in London. However, it appears that Noah has a new interest in Allie.

Fans love Allie and Noah together

Allie has given the old soap opera a young and fresh take, with her character carrying so much promise for drama. Although she and Noah haven’t been together for long, fans are already in love with both of them and are shipping them together.

The Young and The Restless recently posted a GIF of Noah and Allie kissing with the caption, “Can we talk about this kiss??” Fans were quick to voice their support for the pairing, with many appreciating the show’s decision to bring Allie and Noah together.

One fan said that it was bound to happen at some point and that the pair are a “sweet couple.” Another fan gushed about the couple, saying they loved the cute couple’s scenes at the Top of the Tower.

Is a love triangle on the horizon for these two?

Y&R and its sister show B&B are always rife with scandals and love triangles. However, much of that is usually left to the older couples, and many fans have called out the show for lack of better storylines for the younger characters.

However, with Allie and Noah finally declaring their affection for one another through a kiss, fans’ wishes may eventually get answered as a love triangle involving Noah, Allie, and Crystal is imminent.

Noah and Crystal flirted during Tessa and Mariah’s wedding, and they already share a connection through Tessa. The love triangle may give fans something to look forward to, especially as Crystal and Allie’s pasts come to light.

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