‘The Young and the Restless’ Fans Hate the Idea of Billy and Chelsea Reuniting

The Young and the Restless loves throwing fans for a loop in terms of romantic pairings. While fans usually welcome various character pairings, others are almost always a downright no. Billy and Chelsea are that type of pair.

Nothing good ever comes out of those two getting together, and the show teasing their reunion has fans up in arms. Fans can’t stand the idea of Billy and Chelsea reuniting.

Out of all Y&R relationships, few were as doomed and as hated as Billy and Chelsea’s. The relationship garnered negative attention from critics and fans, and for a good reason. Chelsea came to Genoa City in November 2011, claiming to be pregnant with Billy’s baby.

The two had spent the night together after meeting at a bar in Myanmar. Billy, at the time, didn’t know that Victor Newman had hired Chelsea to seduce him. Billy was still married to Victoria, and Chelsea’s arrival couldn’t have been worse timing.

Still, Victoria and Billy remained committed to one another, and Billy asked for proof that Chelsea’s son was his. After a DNA test was conducted, the results came back positive, confirming Billy as the biological father of Johnny Abbott, Chelsea’s son.

Chelsea later gave up her parental rights agreeing to let Victoria and Billy adopt Johnny. Chelsea moved on with Adam, and the two were happy. But when Adam died (or was presumed dead), she and Billy, who had gotten divorced by Victoria, began dating.

They got engaged, and it appeared as though they were endgame. However, Billy called everything off on their wedding day, breaking up with her. The groom announced that his bride-to-be had slept with Gabriel Bingham, and wouldn’t you know it, it turned out Gabriel was Adam all along.

‘Y&R’ has teased a reunion between Chelsea and Billy, but fans don’t want it

Y&R has teased for a while about the possibility of Chelsea Lawson and Billy Abbott reuniting. At first, the show gave hints at the two sharing the screen, but with time the hints became less subtle, and fans are not happy about it.

The show recently posted a photo of the two talking over drinks with the caption, “Billy collaborates with Chelsea today on #YR.” Fans were quick to call out the show and the couple, with one saying, “This is an enormous mistake, Billy- How can he be working with her after what she and Victor did to him? Sure he got a son out of it but seriously.”

Another fan called Chelsea “creepy” for “latching on to Billy like she did Rey.” One fan said, “let’s move on. Chelsea is too clingy to other women’s men. This storyline is BORING.” One user wasn’t buying the idea saying, “Collaborate? Yeah, right. Chelsea just wants Billy!!”

Another appeared to back this theory up, saying, “We all know where this is going. Chelsea cares nothing about boundaries. And well, Billy is Billy.”

What’s next for Billy and Chelsea

If the speculation is true, it would mean Chelsea and Billy rekindle their flame and start a relationship. This then leaves Lily out in the cold. Lily had for a long time been wary of Victoria moving in on her man, but Victoria had her plate full with the whole Ashland Locke drama.

It turns out she should have been paying attention to Chelsea. On her end, Chelsea might have a trick up her sleeve in trying to get Adam’s attention now that he and Sally are broken up. She made snide remarks about Sally’s short-lived relationship, and now that Adam is a single man, she may even try to use their son to her advantage.

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