Healing a cow’s huge wound after crocodile attack (graphic footage).

We really didn’t believe a crocodile had attacked this cow when the neighbors called to report her injury. But she had been grazing just near Madar Lake, which is home to small crocodiles who have been seen by many farmers over the years. When we saw her wound, we gasped, and we believed. This probably wasn’t a false report; we think she really was attacked by a crocodile. Nothing else could explain the jagged edges of this enormous, deep and life-threatening wound. We were unable to suture it closed because there was insufficient skin remaining. We closed the wound with a smaller flap of skin, and stitched into place thread which would secure daily wound dressings for more than 100 days to come. Meet beautifully-healed Emma today.

One cᴏmmented:”I watched this video with tears in my eyes. Such a big wound and she looked really shocked. How clever of you to save and treat this beautiful, sweet calf. As I respond to almost every video of you; THANK YOU You are real heroes “

A YᴏᴜTᴜber ᴜser cᴏmmented:”I’ve been watching your videos for quite sometime now and, i have always been wanting to devote my life to the welfare of animals from a very young age. I have rescued quite some animals myself and let me tell u there is nothing better than seeing them heal and then releasing them back to where they belong . Keep going ,you guys are amazing.”

Anᴏther replied:”Such sweet animals that deserve the tender love and care you give them. I cry at every video, I can’t imagine how good it must feel for them to not be in pain everyday. They are always so calm while you work on them I think they know you are helping them!! The animals and your followers love you for all you do!”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

Victoria Do

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