Growing gravel instead of skin: older dog rescued with advanced mange

The crusting from advanced mange was encasing this older dog as if he was growing gravel instead of skin. Though mange is curable, he was made so frail by this terrible skin disease that we knew he could lose his life in his battle. He touched our hearts with his quiet, understated determination. But though he was subtle, his nature was so incredibly sweet that everyone loved him as soon as they looked into his innocent eyes. And when he was healed, he was as beautiful on the outside as he was, all along, on the inside. Meet Ramu today. You can help a downcast dog lift his head again. In hope.

A man said:”Omg what an incredible difference. You’d never even know that was the same dog. Wow you guys are just phenomenal at the work you do. I’m so glad my choice to donate money to you was the perfect choice. I just wish I could donate way more. Perhaps one day again. Until them, I sure hope you guys are getting tons of donations. After all, I can’t think of people more deserving. Just love you guys. Thanks for all you do for these defenseless, sweet animals.”

Anᴏther said:”Awe he’s so adorable and what an incredible transformation! A sad, sullen dog with crusty concrete like skin to one that is so bright, happy and full of different colors! Rescues like this make me believe that there is hope once more in the world again :] Thanks so much Animal Aid for all the hard work you put in rescuing these kindred spirits :]”

A YᴏᴜTᴜber ᴜser cᴏmmented:”Wow! What an amazing transformation! Fantastic job Animal Aid India team. This video was only a glimpse of your efforts and his journey, so thank you so kuch for all your hard work. Ramu looks such a healthy happy sweet boy. Good luck Ramu.”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

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