Young & Restless Game-Changer: Adam’s Vengeful Agenda Would Blindside Victor and Upend the Newmans

Newman is laser-focused on getting the truth about Ashland’s death… but why?!?

Young & Restless’ Adam has been in a bit of a funk since leaving Newman Enterprises again. As Victor would remind you, he chose to leave, but as Adam told others, it was the only move given that, in his view, he’d been “used” by his father as a placeholder for Victoria and not taken seriously as a legitimate heir to the chair.

Making matters worse, to ensure that his lady love Sally had a shot at keeping her job as CEO of subsidiary Newman Media, Adam had to dump her — unceremoniously and obnoxiously — so that she wouldn’t be tainted by her connection to him in the eyes of his sister.

Adam is now roaming those Genoa City streets alone and untethered, and despite an intriguing and unexpected job offer from the ever-sympathetic Jack Abbott to come and work with him at Jabot, seems laser-focused on just one thing — uncovering the truth about Ashland Locke’s death.

After seeing Nick and Sharon talking behind closed doors, Adam made queries with his ex to find out what she knew about Ashland’s demise but got no satisfaction.

He then made two attempts to find out what Sally knows about the death — the first was when he ran into her at Society when she was there to get takeout. The second time, he actually showed up at her office, which should give you some idea of how keen he is to get the deets. He even offered her a little quid pro quo deal — another indicator of how desperate he is to uncover the truth. Adam came away empty-handed on both attempts but was undeterred…

He next sought out the investigating officer’s wife, and his half-sister, Abby. Playing on the theme of them both being family outsiders, Adam asked what she knew, realized she knew diddly-squat, and suggested they keep each other updated as to what they hear.

Perhaps knowing that Abby would make a beeline for Chance to question him after Adam so deftly stirred up her suspicions, he showed up in the park as Abby had just finished grilling her husband. Abby, of course, got the 411 from Chance, who told her that he suspects her father is involved in a cover-up and even asked if she wanted him to back off.

As Abby left the park, Adam approached Chance and offered to help him with his investigation. Now, Chance isn’t half the detective he thinks he is if he doesn’t question the Newman’s motives — we sure did!

Adam seems so intent on getting to the truth, which he clearly expects will implicate his father, that we have to wonder — what is he planning to do with the information once he has it?

He doesn’t have a publishing platform anymore, with which to publicly hang Victor out to dry and drive down company stocks, so what’s his angle?

Could it be that Adam hopes to take his revenge against his father for his latest slight in the form of… blackmail?!?

Adam was about to head out of town to Vegas when he got wind of Ashland’s death and noticed Chance’s suspicions, and he immediately canceled his flight. He definitely had a lightbulb moment in the park that day, and Adam is nothing if not cunning, so he’d have instantly seen a way to turn the situation to his advantage.

If Adam is able to uncover what really happened to Ashland Locke that night, he’s not likely to share the evidence with Chance. He’s much more apt to use it to blackmail Victor into putting him back in charge of Newman Enterprises.

Adam would also learn that Nikki, Nick, and Victoria are accomplices after the fact. This means they won’t be able to interfere with his agenda.

If this plot comes together and Adam winds up back in charge of Newman Enterprises, he could then come clean about why he broke things off with Sally, and the two of them could get back together.

In a nutshell, Adam could have everything he wants again.

Why do you think Adam wants the truth about Ashland’s death so badly? How will this play out? Drop your thoughts on this story in the comment section below.

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