After 12 hours in the snow, stray puppy hit by car finally gets rescued

The road is a dangerous place for animals, and even to humans if we are not careful enough. Animals being hit by trucks are astonishingly common around the world; in fact, millions of animals die of this in America alone. Even though they get to survive, the people responsible for the injury won’t even pull over to check, and the animal sometimes ends up sadly dying with no one to help.

A stray puppy was hit by a car and was gravely injured.

In the northern community of Alberta, Canada, a stray puppy was roaming around the streets. Unfortunately, the puppy never expected that a car would run through him as he was crossing the highway. The accident left him injured, specifically in his pelvis area. The puppy could not move an inch and so she spent her time lying down on the cold snow bed. For many hours, the puppy was left paralyzed, gasping for breaths, desperately trying to survive.

Luckily, a bunch of teens spotted the injured puppy.

A bunch of passing teenagers happened to spot the puppy in the snow. Although, the snow below the puppy already melted because of her body heat. They immediately notified the animal rescue AB Task Force, which then notified the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) to go to the scene.

The rescuers found the puppy, weak and cold on the snow. However, as the rescuers saw a slim chance of the pup surviving, they hurriedly carried her to their vehicle and then into the hospital. AARCS shared the story on Instagram and they wrote:

“She spent over 12 hours lying there alone and cold before rescuers found and rushed her to SAVEvet.”

The rescuers were able to save the poor pup, and she was recovering slowly.

It was great that they got the puppy out of the cold, and the doctors really worked hard to treat her injury on the pelvis. After the treatment, the puppy was cleaned up and was put on a comfortable crate so she could recover. The rescuers even gave her the name Nutmeg because of her rusty orange-colored fur.

For six whole weeks, Nutmeg stayed in the crate but she was happy with all the yummy treats, attention, and loving affection that she was getting from everyone. Nutmeg does not hesitate to reciprocate her gratitude to her rescuers by giving them kisses while wagging her tail happily.

After her recovery, AARCS had to put Nutmeg for adoption.

After the sixth week, Nutmeg was already back on her feet, perhaps running with the other rescues. AARCS was planning to put her for adoption after they could conclude that she has indeed fully recovered. Well, as of now, Nutmeg has found her new home and AARCS themselves shared the update on their socials, saying:

“We are so pleased to share with you all that Nutmeg has found her very own forever home!”

She has grown into quite a beautiful dog, smiling happily on the camera.

It seems that this home would be Nutmeg’s forever home along with her new loving family. Thanks to the teenagers who found her, and the unyielding efforts from AARCS, these wonderful things were all made possible for her. If it were not for them, who knows if the pup would even survive in the cold for much longer.

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