Abused bull gives only sweetness to everyone.

Angelo is a bull who we found in excruciating pain with multiple ropes digging through the flesh of his front leg clear to the bone. The wound was a result of someone having tightly tied his leg to his horns–a devastating technique used by ignorant farmers to keep cows from escaping, and to prevent bulls from mating because they cannot lift their heads. Usually a single rope is tied, and you often see cows crouched and hobbling down the roads with their heads bent low, and you can almost feel the horrendous neck strain. But in Angelo’s case, the abuse was compounded with time and perhaps with the extra shortness of the rope. He very likely had no owner but the dairyman whose cows lived in this bull’s neighborhood perhaps only wanted to breed his cows artificially using the sperm of foreign breeds, which are often thought to produce more milk. For Angelo, it almost ended his life. But Angelo, whose only experience with human hands had been to suffer human cruelty, just radiated sweetness. Even during daily wound dressings that must have sometimes been painful, Angelo seemed to understand that we were trying our best to help him. His eyes are soft; his face composed and loving. Within a month, his bandages could come off, and this is the “person” Angelo is when his suffering is all behind him.

Let’s turn cruelty to kindness.

One cᴏmmented ᴏn YᴏᴜTᴜbe:”That he can still be so sweet despite being in agony … he knows you saved him and is returning your kindness in turn. Thank you for restoring my faith in the human race and lots of hugs to the big Cuddle-Bull 💙🐱💙”

One said:”Thanks a lot for saving Angelo. He really needed y’all where he can reside safely. This place is as good as heaven for any animal. Angelo is very sweet and positive which he demonstrates by his conduct. No animal should be used for any commercial purpose, be it trade, sale, sightseeing, transport, etc. We admire his calmness and hope. Angelo is a true warrior and an inspiration to all of us. Love, meowwwww and moooooo from Steve and Winky, my Cat-Brothers and me. ♥️😁😻🐂🙏”

A wᴏman wrᴏte:”From the blanket you put over some animals, the medical care, gentleness, and pure love you provide and show these animals makes my heart burst!!!! It’s absolutely horrendous that this medical care is needed because of as**** but I’m so thankful you guys are there!!!! 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍”

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Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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