Tiny kitten dying in drain, rescued and…Feisty!

This wild little sweetheart was so ill he couldn’t move, collapsed in the water of a shallow drain. When rescuers arrived, they found his face covered in blood, too weak to resist being picked up. We treated him for pain, warmed him up, and watched in wonder as his resilient little body bounced back within just a few days. And food? Well just watch this teeny tiger transform, from doubting to devouring, and then, the play fights began. Meet Feisty now!

One wrᴏte ᴏn YᴏᴜTᴜbe:”You… gave him a chance to live. Idk who you are, but you’re amazing people

Everyone stop! This isn’t about human rights politics or whatever b.s. your moaning about! Its about a wonderful group of people who took a dying animal and nursed it back to health! If you seriously have to argue, go to the garbage fire of 4chan where you belong”

Anᴏther cᴏmmented:”my cat was 5 weeks old when we found her in our shed (guess the name haha). Then she was just a bag of bones and she was tiny.

She has stayed with us and now she is healthy and turned 14 at the end of 2020.”

A YᴏᴜTᴜber ᴜser said:”My rescue was four weeks old, yowling and panting in the middle of a parking lot when we found him. He was super skinny, covered in fleas and sick to boot. A couple weeks later he’s healthy, playful, and even gained some weight! He’s a super adorable orange tabby domestic long haired kitten and I love him. He’s pretty much adopted at this point. By me.”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

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