Surgery saves dog with lung perforated and exposed.

Air billowed out of the wound with every breath she took, and she cowered in a thicket, hiding and confused by pain. With a degloving wound over her ribs and a punctured lung, we didn’t know if this old girl could survive such a trauma. We rushed her into emergency surgery, inserting a tube to re-establish negative pressure, thoroughly flushed the wound and began the several layers of sutures that we hoped would save her. We would wait for several days before we knew if she would make it. But her extraordinary will to live was even bigger than her wound. Watch beautiful Maxine today.

One cᴏmmented:”You people are so motivational and inspiring! Thank you so much for taking care if these animal and making sure they live a happy life, despite what they have been through. Keep up with the amazing work, and God bless you all! 💕 💕”

A YᴏᴜTᴜber ᴜser cᴏmmented:”The doctors there are incredible! No vet in Germany would save a dog with such an injury. They would euthanized this dog. It’s so nice to see that these doctors in India are doing everything they can to keep the animals alive ❤️”

Anᴏther replied:”This team is absolutely amazing every time I watch another one of their rescue videos I am awestruck by their determination to save every animal they rescue it’s beautiful to watch from beginning to end. Maxine I hope you have a beautiful rest of your life
you definitely deserve it you have a very beautiful spirit and strong will to live 🤗”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

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