Cutest little piglet learns to walk again after accident.

We got a call to rescue a piglet who had been hit by a car and wasn’t able to walk. We found him dragging his back legs and he was so scared. After bringing him back to Animal Aid’s hospital we found that he had a complete femur fracture and injury to his other hind leg as well that prevented him from being able to stand at all.

With 6 weeks of bed rest, this determined little boy healed and learned to walk again.

One cᴏmmented:”My hear just melted, that was the cutest pig ever.
So happy all animals are precious and deserve to be rescued.
My grocery list is now meat free!”

A YᴏᴜTᴜber ᴜser cᴏmmented:”Great work y’all do! Thank you! I’ve been vegan for 45 years, and THIS is the reason why! I’m also a registered dietitian (RD). There is no healthful reason anyone needs to eat meat or consume any animal products! There’s PLENTY of non-meat protein out there!”

Anᴏther replied:”you guys do such amazing work rescuing animals and putting time into them that no other shelter would. seeing the work you guys do, no matter what the condition, you still try, but it makes me so mad, some places just put them to sleep! so thank you for all you do for the animals. i love it!! <3″

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

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