Man tears up at the response of dog food company after his dogs pass away

There are few things more devastating than losing a pet. Their lives are inevitably too short, and we feel the sting of their loss deep in our hearts. We listen out for the click of their nails on the floor or the inevitable barking when someone rings the doorbell. The silence of it hurts.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to one, let alone two.

Laura Waltenburg’s sister and brother-in-law owned two dogs when tragedy struck. Unfortunately, both of them passed away at the same time. It’s incredibly tough to deal with the death of one dog, making the sudden loss of two even harder.

Even worse, they had a food subscription service for dog food that showed up at their door.

In the midst of their grieving, they got two massive shipments. Two 40-pound bags of dog food were charged to their card and showed up at their door. They not only had to be reminded of their dogs, they had to pay for it.

Laura posted about the event on Facebook, explaining what happened.

In a Facebook post, Laura explained how her brother-in-law emailed the company, Chewy, and asked for a refund.

“My sister and brother-in-law tragically lost both of their dogs this past weekend. After this happened, they received two 40-pound bags of dog food that they had ordered from the Chewy company. My brother-in-law sent them an email requesting permission to send the dog food back for a refund, minus the shipping cost,” Laura wrote on her Facebook profile.

Despite the size of the organization, Chewy responded in absolute class.

Instead of just passing them along or taking their request as normal, Chewy did something extra special. A representative from the company reached back out to the couple and told them that the refund was already processing and they didn’t need to worry about sending the food back to them! Chewy just said they could donate it to a local shelter.

Their response didn’t even end there.

If that had been the end of the story, it would have been incredibly kind. It wasn’t! Laura continued in her post:

“They responded with unbelievable kindness! They credited their credit card for the full purchase price; and asked them to donate the dog food to a local shelter. They sent a second email requesting a picture of one of the dogs to put in their memorial book, to honor her. And then today, my sister and brother-in-law received these beautiful flowers from Chewy. I wish I could tell everybody this story… This is an incredible company!”

Laura’s post blew up and went viral shortly after only people were sharing their own stories!

Anyone who has lost a pet knows just how much it meant for Chewy to be so kind. People connected with the post, and it was shared more than 11,000 times shortly after. People started sharing their own stories of how Chewy had done something similar!

It wasn’t just a one-time thing, they regularly care for the doggos who use their products!

Take the story of Jana Lynn, for example:

“Chewy followed my baby girl Joy through struggles of overcoming back leg paralysis and fighting off 4 forms of cancer. When she lost her 4 year battle they sent me her beautiful face on a canvas. I cry routinely gazing at it still, one year later. They are beyond measure.”

Who knew a company could be so kind! Here is another one:

“We’re so sorry to hear about the loss of Muggings and she sounds like she was loving the stroller time with the steady breeze in her face. It must be a tough time going through her loss but for the couple years you had her, she was enjoying every bit. Surrounded by a loving family and leaving paw prints on everyone’s heart. We love you incredibly, Amanda, and if there’s anything you ever need – even just an ear – we’re always here for you.”

Losing a pet is hard, but people simply being kind goes a LONG way.

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