Calf slowly choking from embedded rope rescued.

We got a call for a young bull who had been found with a rope tied around his neck that was so tight it was embedded deep in his flesh. Someone had probably tied the rope when he was much younger, and over time it had begun to cut deep into his neck. The wound from the rope was infested with maggots and within days would have become life-threatening.

A wᴏman cᴏmmented:”Hats off to you guys 👏 you have my respect 🙏 Jimmy looks much better now. But why no one even bothered to cut the rope before it got worse??? How we treat animals reflects humanity. All the best guys for your future rescues 👍”

Anᴏther replied:”Heartbreaking to see him suffering like that, poor soul. It really annoys me that people put ropes etc on animals when they r small and dont think they might actually grow, duh! One persons carelessness costs an animal so much suffering. Smh. I am ashamed of those people. We need to be more careful in our treatment of animals, they do matter. Thank u AAU for putting right the wrongs, ur work is beautiful 💜”

One said ᴏn YᴏᴜTᴜbe:”Great video!! I love watching your rescue videos. They are inspiring!! I really dont understand whoever is the owner of the calf just allowed the calf to suffer like that. Just cut the rope when it starts to look too tight around the neck.”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

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