Incredible recovery of dog dying in gutter: Phoenix’s Story.

We got a call that a dog was laying in a sewage ditch. When our rescue team arrived they saw that she was only in a foot of water, but was actually in the process of drowning. Her nose dipped wearily into the water. Bubbles were emerging. If we had arrived even 5 minutes later, it’s possible she would have drowned. When we lifted her we could see that she had a completely fractured leg, hanging only by loose tissue. Maybe she had been hit by a car, was confused, lay in the water in a desperate effort to stop the bleeding or ease the pain. Once back in Animal Aid we determined that she was in shock–her pulse was weak and she was hypothermic. We feared we might lose her. She urgently needed an amputation but was too weak to withstand surgery. So we spent several days stabilizing her–a balancing act between strengthening her, and holding the infection and pain at bay. Her operation took place 3 days later and now–it’s like a miracle–meet Phoenix!

One cᴏmmented:”She’s lucky to have been rescued.I wonder how many other innocent animals who are badly injured have to suffer to death as there’s no one to help them 😭😭.I sincerely hope that more people will take the initiative to help animals like you guys in the future.”

A YᴏᴜTᴜber ᴜser cᴏmmented:”I have seen a handful of your videos here…just as of today. Your work and dedication is absolutely mind blowing and beyond words. I sincerely applaud your team and efforts!! Will support your cause as long as I can. Thank you for just being who you all are!! ☺”

Anᴏther replied:”My god this brought the tears flowing after watching this…!!! These people are absolute ANGELS put here on earth for these helpless animals in need. The very same animals that give me and MANY of us the devoted companionship we need. And that i especially need for my depression and severe social anxiety. So please keep doing what your doing i am for sure going to be donating to this cause. Because my passion and goal is to give them the proper life they deserve. A “new beginning” if you will after going through something so traumatic. Dogs are resilient animals and they don’t give up easily. And it’s because i firmly believe god made them extra special and strong to help us when we are at our weakest.”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

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