German Shepherd welcomes his soldier dad home

They had been apart for so long, and the dog couldn’t believe his dad was finally home.

The internet is filled with videos of soldiers returning home and reuniting with their dogs.

There’s a good reason why this genre of video is so popular. It’s always heartwarming to see the reunions of two friends who clearly love each other so much. Plus, it’s always fun to see how exactly the dog reacts to their mom or dad reappearing. Will they immediately freak out? Or, will they freeze in disbelief?

A dog named Harley went for a mix of both options!

Harley is a German Shepherd whose owner is a staff sergeant.

Because of this, Harley is only able to see his owner once every several months. When Harley finally sees his owner for the first time since he was deployed, Harley can’t contain himself.

It’s definitely very easy to notice why this video is known as one of the best ‘welcoming a soldier home’ videos ever.

This adorable dog has no idea what’s going on when he first walks into the room. When the soldier’s friends tell the dog to turn around, he sees his owner and goes crazy!

He instantly runs to his owner and his “daddy” rubs his tummy and gives him a huge hug. His dog returns the favor by giving him a bunch of cute doggie kissies. It’s truly a beautiful moment.

These soldier dog reunions never get old for us. This is why people consider dogs to be man’s best friend. Get some tissues, because you’re about to cry watching this unbelievable reunion.

And if you enjoy the video of Harley, we have a few more suggestions for you.

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All of these videos are unique in their own way, but they’re all uniformly adorable. Our furry friends love of us so much, and we love them back just as much.

Check out Harley and his dad reuniting below!

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