Hopeless wounded dog dying on side of street rescued.

We found him collapsed on the side of the street, severely wounded. His body had completely given up and we believe that if we hadn’t rescued him right when we did he likely wouldn’t have survived another day. The side of his head was being eat away by maggots and his ear was completely destroyed. He also had mange, was emaciated and old. It was easy to imagine him completely giving up on life, but this old boy wasn’t ready to say goodbye. As soon as we began his treatment he responded and started to grow stronger day by day.

Meet Major Sahib today!

A man wrᴏte:”After becoming a cop (I’m in training right now-in the US), my first check, the WHOLE check, I will bring it to India, and give it to you guys directly. I want each cent to go towards these furry babies!”

A YᴏᴜTᴜber ᴜser pᴏsted:”I’m so stunned, ashamed and totally disgusted that this poor soul was in need of help and not one person bothered to help, not even get in touch with you guys so much earlier.
This is a very very sad world we live in.
Bless you guys and thank you so very much for all that you do and will do in the future, and especially for not walking past this poor Soul.
God bless you all.
Tracey from England x 🌹 x”

A cᴏmmenter said:”This video is the main reason I support and donate to this wonderful and amazing charity/organisation!! They are simply THE most dedicated,kind and loving people and I love every single one of them! They are like friends to me and the lovely personal emails they send me regularly makes me feel I’m a part of their/this team. Thank you all. 🙏🏼❤️💙”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

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