Abused dog befriends new puppy at the shelter

Simon knew that Sammie needed a friend who understood what he’d been through.

Arriving at a shelter is a confusing experience for any dog. They’re not sure where they are or why it’s so noisy. They don’t understand why there are so many other dogs there and if they’re friends or foes.

Going to a shelter is especially challenging for abused dogs. They don’t know who they can trust and if they’ll get hurt again.

A puppy named Sammie was in this situation. The poor puppy had been through so much, but thankfully a dog named Simon was there to help him and comfort him.

The photo of the puppies comforting each other taken at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s shelter has gone viral.

The two dogs were rescued weeks apart and from two different shelters, but they didn’t take long before befriending each other.

For a little back story, the three-month-old boxer puppy named Sammie was shot, dragged behind a car, and spray painted. The poor puppy suffered from a traumatizing incident that left him with a gunshot wound, a broken bone, and a need for a skin graft.

After Sammie arrived at the animal shelter, Simon, a border collie suffering from mange and neglect, instantly befriended the puppy.

When the two puppies first met, they immediately became friends.

Sammie was lying on the X-ray table when Simon was let out of his kennel. Simon then went straight to Sammie and laid his paw on the table. The two puppies then touched noses.

Just look at the beautiful pictures shared by the animal shelter. It’s amazing to see two animals showing compassion for one another.

According to Stacey Silverstein, the cofounder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the two dogs seemed to form an instant connection.

“The picture really speaks for itself,” said Silverstein. “You can see Simon comforting Sammie. It shows that animals have compassion and they feel. Simon would go to Sammie’s kennel to comfort him and play with him and sit with him often.”

While at the vet recovering, Silverstein says the two formed a strong bond with Simon acting as Sammie’s caretaker.

It’s disheartening to think that humans did something like this to the puppy, but at least both dogs are now properly cared for. Thanks to the efforts of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the two dogs will receive the treatment they desperately need.

Silverstein says she hopes the story will raise awareness about the horrific treatment animals are forced to endure.

“We want to use this opportunity to educate others across the country,” said Silverstein. “It shows these two very neglected dogs in horrific circumstances comforting each other. Animals feel.”

It’s been a few years since the first photos of Simon and Sammie went viral, and both dogs are doing incredible!

Simon was adopted, and he has a dog sibling who he loves. He’s still as sweet and empathetic as ever.

Sammie has also been adopted into a wonderful forever home, and he helps comfort the foster dogs his mom takes in.

Sammie’s mom started a Facebook page for him to show his progress.

We’re so glad Simon was there to comfort Sammie, and it’s clear these two formed a beautiful bond. This story shows just how deeply dogs feel emotions.

Check out a video about the two dogs below!

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