Man rescues and reunites trapped baby fawn with its mother

The man knew he had to try and reunite the fawn with its worried mama.

What would you do if you found a trapped animal by your house?

It’s always difficult to decide what to do in these situations. Typically, it’s best to call your local animal control since they’ll best know how to handle the animal. But sometimes, an everyday person steps up and does a great rescue.

The rescue of a fawn by a man named Todd Dierdorff is a perfect example of one of these amazing rescues.

Todd Dierdorff from Colorado Springs heard a whimpering sound in his house. Alarmed by the noise, he and his wife went outside to the yard to investigate.

The couple noticed a small, helpless fawn trapped in a window well.

Though the two saw the mother deer trying her best to help her baby in need, they realized that the mother deer could not reach her fawn.

Compelled to step in and help, Todd rummaged his way through the bushes and helped rescue the fawn. The mother deer anxiously waits while Todd struggles to pry the fawn loose.

Finally, he’s able to grab hold of the fawn, and he lifts her back to her worried mother.

Todd’s actions are a great example to all of us.

It’s our duty to help out others when we can, even if they are small animals. By going out of our way to care for those in need, we not only make this world a better place, but we help inspire others to do the same.

You may have heard that it’s not a good idea to touch fawns.
Many people believe that if you touch a fawn, the mother will smell the scent of a human on them and abandon them. However, this myth isn’t true.

“If a fawn has been handled by a human and has human scent on it, the doe will still accept the fawn. She just spent 7 months carrying this fawn. A little human scent won’t make her give it up,” writes Mark D. Smith in an article for Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

The one thing you shouldn’t do, though, is move a fawn.

Deer moms often leave their fawns while they search for food. Sometimes, someone will stumble across one of these fawns and think it has been orphaned or abandoned. However, Smith writes:

“The doe is likely somewhere close… white-tailed deer mothers spend relatively little time with their fawns during the first few weeks after they are born. The mother knows exactly where she left her fawn. Research with radio-collared does and fawns has shown that doe survival is very high during the summer months, and does rarely abandon their fawns.”

The video of Todd saving the fawn quickly went viral, and people flocked to the comments section to praise Todd. One commenter wrote:

“that’s a real man and a great human being”

Another commenter wrote:

“Perfect rescue by Todd, he kept his interaction with the baby to a minimum, just picked it up, and delivered it right to mom.”

Todd did a great job saving this little fawn, and we’re sure his mama was so happy to have him back at her side.

Check out the video of the rescue below!

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