Homeless dog in broken cardboard box is finally rescued

Homeless dog who lives alone in the box turns into a sweet, playful pup after being rescued

It is hard for many dogs to live their lives on the street. Instead of helping them, some people would only turn a blind eye, pretending that a hungry pooch does not need their help. Fortunately, some kind people could never bear to ignore them. Just like this woman after seeing the lone dog that had been taking shelter in his box for years.

The box is the only place he could call home.

No one knows who put the cardboard box on the street, but it became home to a homeless dog in the streets of Romania. The dog was not afraid of the passersby, although when one approaches him, he would immediately run back to hide in his box.

People could see the pooch in his box, lying comfortably on a discarded sofa, and beside him was his water container. He goes outside occasionally to try to play with humans and other dogs, but sadly, he remains unnoticed.

A non-profit rescue organization decided to help the dog.

The Howl of a Dog rescue organization took notice of this poor pooch and decided to offer their help. They located the dog and then began tracking and observing its movements. A couple of days later, they finally approached the pooch in his home.

They found out that the sofa and his water container was gone, though it did not matter anymore since they were there to take him to a better place. At first, the dog refused to come out of his box, even when they offered him food.

However, the dog did not drive them away by barking; instead, he just scooched himself inside while eating the pieces of food that they tossed inside.

Eventually, the dog put his trust in these kind-hearted people.

The sad, hungry pooch was thankful for the delicious treats and he decided to trust them. The rescuers were so happy seeing that the dog was more than willing to go with them. They coaxed the dog into the backseat of their car without putting him inside a carrier or tying his neck on a leash; he is just one lovely pooch. The rescuer gave the dog a name, Buzu.

The dog acquired various skin diseases but the shelter is willing to address all these problems.

When they arrived at the shelter, they immediately had Buzu checked out by the vet. They discovered that the dog had skin conditions that made him lose fur on some parts of his body, especially on the neck and back. Other than that, he seemed to be in decent health.

They gave Buzu a cool bath and provided him a better place to sleep. In just a few days, Buzu got used to the new environment and his response to it was giving his rescuers a wide smile.

He gained a lot of friends while he was there.

Living at the shelter for a couple of months, Buzu already bloomed into a joyful and friendly pooch. Every time the Howl of a Dog staff calls for the dogs for a treat, Buzu would make a long hop so he could have the first bite.

He made friends with plenty of dogs at the shelter, but his best friend was a friendly cat. In February 2015, Buzu was adopted, and he was transferred safely to London at his new home with his new owner. Thanks to the Howl of a Dog organization, Buzu’s life turned around in the best way possible.

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