Senior dog reunites with his owner after 2 years apart

No hope would be left after knowing that your pet was lost for more than a year. However, this man knew for sure that his trusty dog is going to come back.

One fear that all pet owners have is the fear of turning around only to see their pet is gone. Being separated from your beloved pet is not easy. The anxiety, worries, and sadness mixed up together is really a terrible feeling, especially when it had been too long ever since you got separated from your pet.

For two years, this man was left with devastation when he lost his dog

Bill Ballato, a resident of Westerley, Rhode Island, lived with a nine-year-old Beagle mix named Bosco. Ballato’s neighbors would mostly see him with Bosco, via short or long walks in the neighborhood. Thus, they witnessed how close he was with his dog and knew how great the bond between them was.

Unfortunately, one day, Ballato came out to his backyard only to see an empty leash lying on the ground. He figured that Bosco might’ve run away the moment the leash untightened. He called loudly in hopes that Bosco would hear his voice, but it yielded no luck.

Ballato did not lose hope in trying to find his trusty dog

Just like every concerned pet owner, Ballato posted missing posters everywhere, made contact with the local police and animal shelters, and he asked for possible witnesses around the neighborhood. His anxiety and worries grew strong, but that did not stop him from trying to find Bosco.

Days passed, and he still hadn’t heard any good news regarding his dog Bosco – Bosco was officially missing. The dog’s disappearance made Ballato feel more depressed, anxious, and hopeless. He then moved out from Rhode Island and decided to reside in Lafayette, Colorado. Even then, his sad feelings about his lost dog never faded.

Ballato never lost hope, and he continued to work hard to find even a shred of good news regarding Bosco. Time had passed but the man never stopped worrying. Ballato, despite all his worries, told Fox31 in 2016:

“There were nights, horrible nights that I wondered, especially after big storms, but something told me that he’d make it.”

News of hope and relief came into Ballato’s inbox one fateful day.

One day, a cop from Rhode Island sent Ballato a message that said that he spotted a dog with the same description as Bosco around the parking lot. Even though Ballato had yet to confirm it himself, he was already feeling hope and relief to hear such great news. He was not alone, as he received a lot of help, especially from Sheila Graham of Homeland Security, who offered to conspire to catch Bosco during her spare time.

The rescue mission was easily a success.

Graham cleverly placed traps and operated the mission very well. It did not take quite long to get Bosco into the cage safe and sound. Graham notified Ballato immediately, and he was clearly thrilled to hear such success. He couldn’t wait to see Bosco again.

During the call, Graham noticed Bosco’s ears perking up, and she realized that the dog could hear his owner’s familiar voice from the phone. Bosco could not help but stand, bark, and then wag his tail with excitement upon hearing his owner.

Ballato also heard his howling dog from his phone and hearing it filled him with delight and relief.

After the talk, Graham then arranged a trip to have Bosco reunited with Ballato once again. However, because of the time and distance that Bosco had spent away from his owner, it took him a little time to process the reunion with his owner. Ballato, of course gave his dog the tightest of hugs after seeing Bosco after two whole years.

It is great that they are together again. It did not take too much time to regain the lost years that Bosco and Ballato spent apart together. They are definitely the best of friends.

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