Mama whale lifts her calf out of water to greet onlookers

Whales are fascinating creatures, and we humans love getting the opportunity to see them up close. This is why whale cruises are so popular. Across the world, destinations use their whale populations as a way to draw in tourists.

But whale cruises can never guarantee what their passengers will see. Sometimes, they may not see anything. Other times, they may see something truly incredible.

This video shows an example of the latter scenario.

San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico is a popular tourist destination because it is a winter sanctuary for eastern Pacific gray whales.

As a result, tourists can often see gray whales up close and in person, an experience that you can rarely get elsewhere. At San Ignacio, you can get on a small boat, sail into the waters, and at times gray whales may approach you. They aren’t shy and are very friendly.

In the video below, a group of people is out on boat. While sitting on the water, they notice an object moving towards them beneath the water.

The object moves closer and closer, and eventually, it’s within arm’s reach. Suddenly, a whale emerges from the water, giving tourists a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pet and touch the whales.

As they pet, they soon realize that it’s a child whale who is being pushed up by her mother. The whales are extremely friendly, and the entire encounter is fascinating to watch.

I can’t even imagine how the people must have been feeling that day. This is not an experience you commonly hear about. It’s amazing to see just how trusting the whale is of these humans.

An article from Whales Online dives deeper into the mother-calf whale relationship.

The article states:

“In cetaceans, maternal care is long-lasting. Calves and juveniles stay close to their mothers’ sides for a long time, even if they are able to feed themselves. Belugas remain near their mothers for three years, sometimes even longer. During this period, mother and calf develop a strong bond, which is essential for the offspring’s survival.”

The video went hugely viral, garnering over 11 million views.
In the comments section of the video, people were amazed at the whale’s behavior.

“That was funny and endearing. Looks like whale mothers like to show off their young as much as we do,” one commenter said.

Another hilariously imagined a conversation between the two whales:

“Mother Whale: look humans….’

Baby Whale: mom can I have one???”

This whale encounter is truly incredible, and we’re sure it’s something the people on the boat will remember forever. What an amazing encounter.

Check out the video below!

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