Man finds former racehorse abandoned in the desert

Her story broke my heart.

It’s saddening the things that people will do to animals that they feel don’t have value. Abuse, abandonment, and more are ALL too common for the animals who do so much for us.

One racehorse was recently found in the worst circumstances, leading authorities to try and track down the abusers.

Hope Ranch Arizona recently got a tip that a horse was left abandoned in the nearby desert. Once Allison Montano, a horse trainer, and a rescuer, Misian Cory, heard about the animal, they went to help.

Incredibly, the horse had been out living on its own for months.

Once they came across the horse, they realized they were just in time. They guessed she had been wandering for herself for 4-6 months and had lost over 600 pounds.

“I’m surprised she even made it this long,” said Montano. “We were very worried she wasn’t going to make it through the first night, because of how poor and weak she was.”

The poor animal was taken in and Hope Ranch started to rehab her, unsure if she was going to make it.

“When we came across this sweet horse… she had apparently been left to fend for herself. She appeared relieved and immediately started to drink the water we brought for her.”

Cory, one of the rescuers, decided that she knew the perfect name for the horse: Blessing!

“I feel like she is a blessing,” said Cory. “I feel like we’ve been a blessing to her and I feel like she’s a blessing to the community.”

To make things even crazier, this wasn’t some random horse – she was a thoroughbred racehorse with all the right markings.

Blessing had a tattoo under her lip and a brand on her side letting everyone know what she used to do. Additionally, they were able to see that her racing name was “Pleasing Dom” and she was born back in 2012.

The search is now on for the people who left her in such conditions and with the name and brand, they have a lead.

“It just breaks my heart that anybody would do that to any living creature,” said Cory.

Since finding the horse, the ranch has received a ton of requests from people asking how best to help. The poor horse seems to have gotten a lot of attention through social media as people did their best to offer support.

Since going viral, the ranch has set up a GoFundMe for Blessing and has received lots of donations and help.

“I’m very thankful she’s pulling through it because she’s just been a blessing to deal with and very well behaved,” said Montano.

Even more, Blessing seems to have gotten a renewed sense of life! With people who love her, she has a “light” in her eyes that she didn’t have before.

“You can tell that she’s got a brighter light in her eyes now,” said Cory. “She has hope.”

Check out their Facebook page below for updates and more photos of Blessing!

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