Dog trapped in reservoir rescued by onlookers

This is an amazing display of the human spirit. The video has over 64 million views and counting.

Most people would try and help a dog in distress if they were able to, but how many would risk getting wet or injured to do so?

Well, a group of five men in Almaty, Kazakhstan did so without hesitation. They didn’t care about what it took to save a dog’s life.

They only cared that the dog’s life was saved.

According to Daily Mail, the puppy was playing near the Sayran reservoir and ended up accidentally falling in the rushing water.

The terrified dog tried to keep his footing.

However, the water was running by quickly and threatened to sweep him away into more tumultuous waters. Thankfully, the group of five men were nearby and saw the dog fall in.

While the five friends formed a rescue plan, the ordeal was caught on video by Marjana Khadreeva’s cell phone.

The video begins with one of the men sliding down a slanted concrete wall into the reservoir below.

The waters were rushing by so fast that the man had to walk very slowly over to the dog so he wouldn’t fall down either.

The dog was clearly in need of help.

He grabbed the dog and walked him over to the side of the concrete wall.

That’s when the group formed a human chain.

As they leaned down the concrete wall, the man in the water tried to toss the dog up to the 3-man chain but they couldn’t reach each other.

They needed another man on the chain.

So, the man in the water started to climb up the wall since the dog was able to stand steadily, but that didn’t work.

There were a few attempts but those also didn’t work.

Then another person appeared out of nowhere to add himself to the chain.

Other passersby came along to help steady the chain.

The man in the water was able to latch onto the others and pull the dog up. The group of men then collectively began making their way back up the slanted concrete wall.

There was a celebration of high-fives and back slaps when everyone was safely out of the reservoir.

What was even more incredible than the rescue was how many people watched the video. Khadreeva’s video ended up going mega-viral.

The video has over 64 million views and counting.

“I am a 55-year-old man and I cried in the end. this is how everyone should behave. these few people save lives, imagine how many millions of people would do that if they did,” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

“This video brought my wife and I to tears. It just goes to show there are still some lovely people out there. That lovely dog was so Patient, he/she knew they were trying to help him/her. What a wonderful world this can be sometimes. Well done all, you all deserve recognition for your efforts,” said another.

You can watch the dog’s amazing rescue in the video below!

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