Entitled woman demands that new neighbor keep his dogs inside so her kids can play on his lawn

This viral Reddit post is about a doctor and member of a home owner’s association, but it sounds more like it’s about a bunch of middle schoolers.

Yes, the story you are about to read is about grown adults.

No one said that getting along with your neighbors is always going to be easy. But this story has people criticizing this “Mean Girls” mom’s tactics.

The Reddit post was made by a 30-something dermatologist who purchased a new home so that his two dogs could have a yard to play in instead of being cooped up in an apartment while dad is at the office all day.

“I searched for quite a while before I found a house that I liked (had a big lawn) and ended up buying it. It’s in a very tiny neighborhood in my city and quite a calm one which is always great,” the doctor explained.

“I’ve moved to this house about a week ago and haven’t had any real troubles at all. Everyone seemed friendly enough.”

Including one of his neighbor’s, who is a member of the local neighborhood association, that knocked on his door.

“I’m not and I have no plans of ever joining them [the neighborhood association], but they don’t harm me, so it’s fine,” the doctor, who goes by FaultFabulous on Reddit, I went to answer the door and see what did she need. She was pretty nice at first, welcoming me to the neighborhood and all that.”

And that’s when things when south. His neighbor decided that it was within her right to ask him to keep his dogs inside when he isn’t home.

Even though his yard is fenced in. But the best part is the reason why.

“The kids like to play on the houses’ lawns and they are afraid of your dogs. So, you need to put them inside when you’re not at home,” she told him.

I’m guessing what threw him off from compromising with the woman or at least trying to have a civilized conversation is the fact that at the end she TOLD him what he had to do instead of ASKING him.

“For a moment I didn’t quite believe what I heard and asked her to repeat, and she indulged me like this was a common occurrence. I just told her flat out, ‘No, the lawn is for the dogs. Your kids have no business going to my property, nor do you have any ground to make that demand,’” the doctor explained in his post.

Well, she was not pleased that this man had the audacity to stand up for himself and assert his rights as a property owner and taxpayer.

She went on to threaten to call the association and a bunch of other people she seemed to think were important.

“I just told her flat out that she could call the pope for all I cared. It was my property and my say in it stays,” he said.

The woman left in a tizzy and went into full “Mean Girls” mode.

She apparently went on to spread rumors about him to the other neighbors.

“People who would smile at me or say ‘good morning’ no longer even look at my face,” he explained.

This woman actually spread rumors like a child so no one will talk to the person you don’t like. And her neighbors actually treated this poor man a certain way based on what someone else told them and without making up their own minds.

Again, this story is about adults.

This kind of weird toxic pack behavior actually made this poor man question himself. So, they gaslighted this poor man who was only standing up for himself. Most of the Redditors seemed to recognize this and back him up. Some people still know how to stand up for themselves and ignore this kind of sad, outdated behavior of people with too much time on their hands. Check out the original post below.

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