Stray dog begs stranger to save her puppies

Stray dogs aren’t as bad as we think they are. They are more afraid of us than we are to them.

Stray dogs are usually mistrusting of humans and other animals. And that makes sense, because sadly, it’s a cruel world out there for them. Sometimes, they get themselves in trouble so they could not help but ask others for help. This dog is a prime example of this.

This momma dog begs for help from a kind stranger.

A stray dog that lives near their neighborhood is casually visiting this man in his home.

The female dog was doing her best to survive by visiting homes, going through the garbage to scavenge for leftovers, and of course, finding a place to sleep. The neighborhood had noticed this dog for quite some time, but the stray eventually met a kind man who was more willing to welcome her for food. Whenever she’s hungry, the man’s house is the first place she would go.

One day, the dog came to the man’s house frantically, whimpering as if she wants to tell something important.

The dog was panicking, whimpering about something. She went to visit the kind stranger and hoped that he would heed her call of help. The man luckily understood that she was trying to lead him somewhere, and so he followed her without hesitation and went to the side of their fence. The man was just surprised to see what he saw – a small burrow where she hid her litter of puppies. The next day, the mom came back to take the man again to see her babies. He found out that she had two more puppies.

The dog came back the next week, and she looked more worried more than ever.

A week passed by, but this time it was raining. The dog was more than worried about her babies, so she tried asking her human friend for help again. The dog was more than worried about her babies, so she tried asking her human friend for help again. She worriedly whimpered, as if hurrying the man to go check her puppies. When he went to check on the burrow, he noticed that they were getting wet. He hurriedly went back home to grab a shoebox, and he scooped each of the puppies into it.

The mother trusted and followed the man home as he carried her babies away from the muddy ground. The man then placed the puppies in a safe place where the mother could tend to her babies without worries. She comfortably laid down with her pups and licked them dry. Afterward, she began to feed the hungry pups.

It was the right call to move them from their previous location because of what happened two days later.

Two days later, it rained heavily. Luckily, the dog and her pups were staying in a warm space the man provided for them. If it was not for his help, the mother dog and her babies would still be out there in the cold, harsh rain. The man uploaded the recorded videos on YouTube and it racked up 5.6 million views. Everyone who watched was so happy that the dogs found a kind human who made the right call for saving them.

Street dogs in the right environment could be friendlier than you think. Asking people for food is their way of surviving the streets, and some generous people gladly offer them some. This time, this certain Good Samaritan offered a whole doggy family a shelter, especially from the cold rain. As long as you show your kindness toward them, these dogs would also reciprocate it back by giving their trust.

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