Shelter dog doesn’t want to be adopted without his friend

I’ve never seen such a sad dog before 😭

Unfortunately, trauma is often a part of the life of a shelter animal. Despite the pain of abandonment and separation, many dogs find peace and comfort in the small things they possess. Sometimes it’s a bed, a toy, or a bit of food. Other times, it’s another doggy friend that they bonded with in their pain.

So when two doggie best friends were surrendered at a shelter by their old owner and had to be temporarily separated, they didn’t take the separation very well at all. Heartbreakingly, it seemed that one of the two was about to be adopted, meaning that the pair wouldn’t get to see each other again.

But thankfully, the adopter failed to show up, and the two best friends were able to stay together. They have now both been adopted into the same home – meaning that they will never be apart again.

Rocky and Schwabo were surrender to Miami Dade animal services after their owner had some problems with their landlord. The dogs were quite long in the tooth, too! Nine and eleven-years-old, respectively, the two were best friends and were always together. When they were split up at the shelter, it became apparent they were in danger of a broken heart.

Rocky went out to the adoption floor, hoping to find a new home. Schwabo, on the other hand, was seen limping and after some tests, was found to be arthritic. With the confirmed tests, he was sent to another portion of the shelter to be observed. Schwabo realized he couldn’t see his brother anymore, however, and would sit and stare out of his glass window the entire day. It was almost like he was in shock.

“He grew up looking up to Rocky and now, even though he’s older, Rocky is like his big brother,” volunteer Jani Bradford told The Dodo. “He’s very, very attached to Rocky.”

Out on the adoption floor, Rocky quickly received an application, which thankfully fell through on the day of adoption. It seemed that the pair were destined to remain together.

When the two dogs were finally able to see each other again, they couldn’t be happier! The shelter knew that they needed to be adopted together and decided to post on their social media page in the hopes that someone would see their need. They knew the dogs were very different but needed to be together.

“Rocky’s older but he acts like a puppy. He loves playing with the ball, he can play all day long,” Bradford said. “Schwabo acts a little older … He’s very calm, very low maintenance.”

She added, “Schwabo doesn’t do much — he lays in his bed and loves watching Rocky doing all his goofy stuff. Schwabo needs Rocky. He just loves being around him, watching him play all day. Rocky makes him happy.”

Amazingly, Jane’s posts on social media seemed to do the trick, and after a short time, Doghouse Rescue Academy came across one of her posts and decided that they were going to help the dogs find a home together.

The two dogs have since moved into their forever home, and they seem to be overjoyed at the prospect of spending the final year of their lives in a safe and loving home – with each other’s company, of course.

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